About us

PUBLIC INSTITUTION VILNIUS JERUZALE LABOUR MARKET TRAINING CENTRE is an establishment that provides vocational training for adults, operates in the fields of construction, metal, energy and transport technology, and provides the following services:
  • Vocational training;
  • Organising qualification upgrade courses and seminars;
  • Consulting companies on Employees’ Health and Safety issues;
  • Assessing (testing) individual skills;
  • Career guidance and counselling;
  • Preparation of training programmes.
Activities carried out by the training centre include flexible provision of vocational training services oriented towards the needs of employers. It is a separate part of vocational training system, which combines adult training, retraining and improvement of competencies in various business sectors.
The training centre’s activities are focused on all those planning and seeking to manage their own and their employees’ professional career.




Construction finishers/decorators; Bricklayers; Concrete placers; Roofers; Winterproof makers of buildings; Tinsmiths; Stove setters, etc.

HVAC and plumbing

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning installers; Plumbers, etc.


Forklift drivers; Hydromanipulator operators; Tower crane / overhead travelling crane / motocrane operators; Category TR1 / TR2 / SM tractor drivers; Self-propelled platform crane operators, etc.

Engineering industry

Electric / gas / semiautomatic welders; Locksmiths, etc.


Electricians for installation and supervision of electrical equipment; Electrical protection categories PK, VK, AK; Cable line mounters; Operational staff training, etc.


Category A, B, C, CE and D drivers; Specialists of the carriage of dangerous goods (ADR); Granting / extension / expansion of drivers’ professional qualification (Code 95), etc.

Work safety

Training on employees’ health and safety issues; Consulting companies, etc.

All those planning and seeking to manage their own and their employees’ professional career are welcome to familiarize themselves with the training centre’s activities!
We are open to proposals for international cooperation. Do not hesitate to contact us! 
Address: Jeruzales Street 53, LT-08420 Vilnius
Tel. +370 52697455
E-mail: info@mokymas.eu