About us


Public Institution Vilnius Jeruzalem Labour Market Training Centre is an educational organization specialising in vocational training for adult people in construction, transport, engineering sectors. The Centre has experience of providing vocational training for over 50 years. The Centre employs around 60 people and provides around 100 different training topics. The main goal of the centre is to provide high quality vocational training services for adults so they can join the labour market as skilled and competent employees.

The main activities of Vilnius Jeruzalem Labour Market Training Centre are: vocational training, qualification upgrade courses, work safety courses and re-training. We are focused in construction specialists, construction machinery operators and drivers, maintenance workers, welders. Transport department offers all categories drivers, given the professional qualifications of drivers (95 code), drivers transporting dangerous goods (ADR).

Vilnius Jeruzalem Labour Market Training Centre holds partnerships with construction and transport companies, social partners and associations, and promotes a creative participation within the field of vocational training providers. It is a member of the Lithuanian Builders’ Association, Vilnius Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts, Continuing Vocational Education Training Centres’ Association.